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Ever since they were first published these books have been a huge influence on so much of my thinking and imagination and it is enormously inspiring to be now working on them for television adaptation. His Dark Materials has been published in more than 40 languages and has sold worldwide close to Since first publication in of Northern Lights, the three books have been acclaimed worldwide and have won many awards.


His Dark Materials is a stunning trilogy, and a drama event for young and old. Date: Equal parts fantasy, science fiction and coming-of-age, His Dark Materials novels are intended to appeals to all ages, interweaving complex drama with childlike mysticism and tackling topics ranging from authoritarianism to organized religion.

But it's possible the adaptation will skew a bit older to fill the massive fantasy-series hole left by Game of Thrones and fit better alongside HBO's other genre fare like Westworld returning in and Watchmen set to premiere October Here's what we know so far about His Dark Materials Season 1. Lyra Belacqua, Pantalaimon, and the infamous golden compass will command our viewing attention before the year is out. His Dark Materials seems to be a relatively faithful adaptation of Pullman's work, and judging by the latest trailer, the season will focus primarily on the first book in the series, known as The Golden Compass in North America and more widely as "Northern Lights.

There's other differences from our world as well, notably the existence of talking, armored polar bears yep!

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The series follows Lyra Belacqua played by Logan 's Dafne Keen in the HBO series , the adolescent niece of Lord Asriel, a scientist and adventurer in search of "dust," a mysterious particle that can provide glimpses into parallel universes. Lyra lives among the academics of Jordan College in Oxford, England, the entity that funds her uncle's risky research. Looming over everything is the threat of the Magisterium, a hegemonic religious body that's quick to crack down on anything it considers heresy.

After Asriel leaves to explore in the North, one of Lyra's friends disappears, presumably kidnapped by people referred to as "gobblers. He would hide up there when the Sheriff would come along! She has been raised in a slapdash fashion at Oxford, by the scholars and staff of the venerable and fictional Jordan College.

This villainous institutional portrait, it should be said, is not derived from personal experience.

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The series offers an extended celebration of the marvels of science: discoveries and theories from the outer reaches of cosmology—about dark matter and the possible existence of multiple universes—are threaded into the story. Dust is everywhere, but it tends to concentrate around human beings, and around adults more than children.

Philip Pullman unveils epic fantasy trilogy The Book of Dust

Her mother, the treacherous Mrs. Not that the relationship is always congenial. The device could be gimmicky, but Pullman wields it with elegant metaphorical economy. Children, owing to the plasticity of their personalities, have daemons that can change shape—in the opening scene, Pantalaimon transforms from a moth into an ermine—but as a person comes of age his daemon settles on a single form that reflects his essence. After his father died, she lodged Philip and Francis with her parents in Norwich for a year or so, and went to London to work.

The family followed him on assignment to Australia, then finally to Llanbedr, a small town in North Wales. By then, Philip and Francis had a half brother; a half sister soon followed. This hodgepodge of half siblings and stepsiblings remains close, despite having since scattered over three continents. The firework-maker, this amazing guy, was busy fixing all the fuses and wires. My stepbrother gave a little address, perfectly judged, and my sister lit the fuse.

And it was the most wonderful display!

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The sky was full of stars—a brilliant display. Philip was completely different. Pullman found intellectual companionship at the local school.

His Dark Materials: The Complete Trilogy

His best friend during his teens was Merfyn Jones—no relation to Enid, but another devotee of her approach to Milton and the Romantic poets. He is now the BBC national governor for Wales.

Jones has a defining memory of Pullman from their final year in school. He pointed out a row of hornbeam trees.

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  4. In a moment of despair, near this row of hornbeam trees along an otherwise unremarkable traffic corridor, Will discovers a hole in the fabric of the universe. He slips through it and into the sanctuary of another universe, where he meets and befriends Lyra Belacqua. In , Pullman became the first student from his Welsh school to go to Oxford.

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    7. The first time he visited the town, he was bewitched by the sensation it offered of stepping out of time. The afternoon sun drew the warmest tones out of it all, and the air felt rich with it, almost the color itself of heavy golden wine. As a student, Pullman used to sneak onto the roof of his college, Exeter. Pullman and his wife moved outside town a few years ago, when the admirers who kept turning up at their door, asking for autographs and taking photos, became a nuisance.

      Pullman and I stopped there during a walk around the city.